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Face Treatments
Men's detoxifying treatment - lifting
Instytutowy treatment restores natural shine and comfort of the face. Effectively detoxifies and soothes irritation. Firms and tones the skin, optimally hydrates and oxygenates, smoothes wrinkles and lifting, refreshes and strengthens the skin's protective barrier against pollution, free radicals, relieves tension and stress symptoms.
Price: 110 PLN
Treatment seasonal
Original cocktail of active ingredients of the delicious fragrance creates a pleasant atmosphere. This treatment is recommended especially for tired skin as it contains specially selected active ingredients of revitalizing and toning. This treatment is designed for all skin types that need immediate radiance and relaxation.
Price: 120 PLN
Smoothing Scrub
Inspired by the achievements of medical treatment, intensive skin renewing .. After the treatment the skin is cleansed, smooth, radiant and long-oxygenated czas.Usuwa dead skin cells, stimulates microcirculation, cleanses the body (detox) and prepares to take active ingredients, strengthens and tones the skin, smoothes and moisturizes, relaxes.
Price: 120 PLN
The treatment for the eye area
The treatment restores the youth look. It smoothes fine lines and crow's feet. It soothes and eliminates puffiness, eliminates signs of fatigue.
Price: 100 PLN
Vitamin Treatment
This nourishing, multivitamin therapy, to restore vitality to tired skin. Through the use of natural ingredients that stimulate vitamins, herbal antioxidants and rich substances with a protective treatment that moisturizes, soothes and nourishes.
Price: 140 PLN
Anti-wrinkle treatment with hyaluronic acid
The treatment, which acts as an injection of youth for your skin. Restores the skin, reduces and eliminates wrinkles. This unique treatment gives spectacular results. The shallowness and smoothing wrinkles, intensive hydration by supplementing the shortage of water in the stratum corneum, skin protection against dryness, improve the density and strengthen the skin's structure, activation of anti-aging process of the skin, reducing the symptoms of fatigue and stress.
Price: 140 PLN
In addition, we offer you:
Classic massage
partial 30min. 50 zł
comprehensive 60min. 100 zł
relaxing massage
60min. 100 zł
head massage
20min. 30 zł
30min. 60 zł
Foot Massage
30min. 60 zł
Aromatherapy Massage
60min. 130 zł
Massage candle
60min. 130 zł
More than this:
Eyelash tint